Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Boston, MA

So. Boston. In a word? AMAZING. 

The flight was a piece of cake. My favourite part was the landing. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. It's so very cool to land. It looks like the plane is close enough to hit houses and cars and whatever, or that you could reach out the window and grab a chimney, but you (obviously) can't and the plane (obviously) isn't close enough to hit it all. VERY cool.

My first flight
Michael made a new friend in the Boston Public Garden

You can't see him!


From the top of the Prudential Building

Harvard (cross river), view from the Prudential Building

Fenway! Go Red Sox!
Us @ the Concert

Michael Buble and I. He touched my hand.

Porter's Bar & Grill -- I LOVE this pub.

Us and the Boston skyline.

The Boxer Hotel

Boston Marathon Finish Line (we crossed it!)

Trinity Church

Lunch at Cheers (Day 4)

I forget.

Us at the Finch (The Boxer's bar)


Me and Diane Chambers!

Michael and Norm!!!!

We drank lots of beer.
Lots and lots of beer.
Michael made more friends
Boston Public Garden -- SO BEAUTIFUL
Michael took this picture while out for his 8km run
Memorial for the Boston Bombing
Cheers Lunch (Day 4)
Pictures are in a wonky order and I`m having a hell of a time putting them right. Anyway, you get the idea.

It was LOADS of fun.