Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lucky 13

Last weekend was a weekend of birthdays. On the 19th my youngest son, Ethan, turned nine. We had his birthday planned out for quite some time. He'd been target shooting with Owen using Owen's bb gun and getting pretty good at it, so we decided it was time for him to have his own bb gun. He was over the moon. We live in the city so he hasn't actually used it yet, but this weekend we'll be heading to a safe place for him to use it.

Nine year old!
On the 20th my daughter, Lily, turned thirteen. I was planning to get her a Pandora bracelet, but hubby had other plans. I had shown him, like I always do, a cute SPCA kitten that had come into my store for adoption. I don't show him all the kittens, just the ones I think are exceptionally adorable. He must have had an epiphany, because when I got home from work he decided we needed to get that kitten for Lily for her birthday ... we discussed we'd sleep on it, but I had the girls at work put the kitten on hold until noon. At 11am I said "well, have you decided?" and he had. So we took Lily to my work on the premise we needed to buy cat litter but then would be heading to the mall. The cage with the kitten on it said "I'M ADOPTED." Michael opened the cage door and started petting her while I grabbed the litter, and then I came up, plucked her out of the cage and said to Lily "She's adopted, but would you like to hold her?" Lily said yes. Michael asked my co-worker for a marker and wrote "To: Lily" under the "I'M ADOPTED" ... Lily read what he said, looked at the kitten, looked back at the sign and said "wait! WHAT?" Michael said "she's yours Lily" and this is the picture I captured ...

I then said to Lily, "she's yours if you want her, but if you don't want a kitten we'll get you something else." To make a long story short ...

Meet Ruby. She's a little ball of adorable mischief. She and Ezra get along swimmingly, and soon we'll be teaching her about the excitement of RV'ing like we did Ezra. The dogs like her too (and vice versa) but they like everyone so that was a given. :)

PS. Lily will be getting the Pandora bracelet for Christmas. :)