Monday, July 30, 2018

Signs in Progress

Yesterday, with the help of my husband, all of my signs got cut out. He did all the cutting because he's more skilled. I can work the jig saw, but I would have had to redraw at least some of the signs had it been my lesser skill level cutting them out.

Once he was done his part of the project I took over again with the sanding and staining. Next is putting on the lettering, but that won't be until next weekend, likely. The final two steps will bring Michael back into the picture, as I will need his help mounting them to their post and, in September, putting it in the ground where we will be parking our trailer. :)

The arrows are not pointing in the directions they'll be in when they're mounted to their pole, but they are in the correct order. From left to right is from top to bottom ... Tatooine, M4, Hogwarts, Hill Valley, Narnia, OZ, Wonderland.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Sign Me Up

I don't know if you have ever been to a trailer park, but if you have been you'll know that everyone has some sort of cute or quirky sign that reflects their personality, or their family's personality (as a whole). I grew up in a trailer park (visiting) every summer and I loved walking around looking at and reading signs and laughing (or when I was quite young not understanding the humour, but realising as I got older how funny they actually were).

When we bought our first trailer a decade ago I started dreaming of having our own quirky family sign, but since we always traveled with our trailer and didn't have a permanent home for it, a sign never came into fruition.

Well now, as my excitement bubbles, my creativity flows. I have designed our family the perfect sign for our trailer sight.

Here's my sketch (this is the final sketch of about 15) and though it was my favourite there have been some changes made once I started putting pencil to wood.

While I'm sure you recognize most of the destinations on most of the directional arrows, I'm not sure (maybe I mentioned it) if you will recognize what destination "M4" is. Well, that's our trailer lot number. The arrows won't all be flat on the front of the post, they'll be pointing this-a-way and that-a-way. It's whimsical, nerdy, and in my ever so bias opinion, really freaking cool.

Tatooine points up because, well, Tatooine is in space. Wonderland points down, because Alice falls in a hole and tumbles into the Earth to get there.

I tried to make each of my arrows reflective of the character of the book or movie. The fonts will be done in official book/movie fonts for each of them as well.

You can't see it but under all those papers I have sketched out my arrows. On Sunday we (Michael and I) are going to cut them out and then I'll get to sanding to make them look a little more rustic than fresh cut wood. After that it will be time for staining and then paint for the lettering; the latter of which will be the most difficult I'm sure.

Monday, July 23, 2018


On July seventeenth I turned forty years old. What is it like to be forty? The same as any other age. It's just a bigger number. I've never been bothered by age. Maybe that will change in a decade, or maybe two, but somehow I don't think so. It's a mindset. You're only as old as you believe ... or as old as your body tells you you are, and that varies day by day.

On the occasion of my fortieth birthday I was gifted with a wonderfully splendid and thoughtful -- best gift ever -- present from my very best friend Valerie over at Wandering Cat.

I don't know if you saw it over on her blog, but she gave me the Superstar quilt she made. I have used it a lot already; at home and in the trailer.

Here is a shot of Ezra enjoying it in the trailer.

On my bed at home.

Thank you, Valerie, from the bottom of my heart. It truly is my most favourite gift to date. It'll be hard to top it next year. ;) LYLAS.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

It's a Trailer Life for Me

We have been towing our (various) trailers to many different locations for about a decade. Last week we went to a little local park for the week and within 24 hours we were in love with it. The park itself is gorgeous, the beach and water are clean, the people are friendly and welcoming to new people, but respectful of privacy too. It is close to the county bike path so if we wanted to leave the park to bike we could, or even bike to the park (about 45 minutes) from home. If I run around the lake 3 times it's about 5 kilometers. It is far enough away we can leave the city behind us, but close enough to home (it's 15-20 minutes away) we would get a lot of use of it, we could even drive to work. This park has everything we want ... so we bought a seasonal site for 2019.

We take possession of our site (M4) on September 4, 2018. The park is open until the end of October, so we will have two months to use it this year. Then next year it is open from May 1st to October 31st.

Me on my new site!
I can't wait to share all my trailer-ey crafts and pictures of our site as we make it our home away from home. We are trying to come up with a witty name for it ... like some people have it "So and So's Cozy Corner" or something like that. We'd like to come up with something original that reflects our family. BUT we also don't want it to be trashy. Though I do want THIS sign ...

So true.
We are all super geared up for our new adventure at the RV park. We told the kids we are taking down, and selling, the pool, since they barely use it now and they'll be able to swim at the park (and they all like the lake better anyway) so if you know anyone who wants it ...

Here are a few more pictures from last week.
Our trailer

There is fishing in the lake, but just not at that spot.