Thursday, September 15, 2016


Michael started working for a new company a couple months ago. It's a really great company with a fantastic crew. He's really enjoying it. I'm happy for him. It's right up his ally. One of the nice things about this company is they understand how important family time is so two weekends each September they offer free tickets to Canada's Wonderland for employees and their families. The day we chose to go was Sept 10th. The weatherman was calling for rain all day (and even a tornado watch) but that didn't stop us. It poured down rain on our drive there, but we were not worried; we had our handy dandy Dollarama rain ponchos and were completely prepared to be soaked.

However, the rain stopped, and despite the mostly cloudy sky, the day was perfect. Lineups for the rides were short (the park was not very busy at all -- probably due to those tornado warnings). The longest we waited for any ride was about 10 minutes.

We took a picnic lunch to eat in the parking lot. Healthier and much less expensive than buying park food. And afterwards we went to the Pickle Barrel for dinner.

We all had a blast.

Ethan and I

Owen and I

Michael and I -- gotta love that windblown roller coaster ride look.

My boys and I being silly -- Our "That's a Scary Ride" faces.

Owen and Michael getting ready for the Behemoth roller coaster (it's a biggie).

Lily and I being photobombed by Ethan.

Lily and I
We're already looking forward to next year!! :) Next year maybe I'll go on the two biggest roller coasters (Behemoth and Leviathan) with Owen and Michael -- MAYBE. This year I was too chicken, and don't worry, they don't let me forget it. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yes, I've Been Knitting ...

I drop a bomb of "we've got a new kitten" and then stop posting; what kind of human being am I for depriving you all of the furry cuteness ... well, here you go ...

As you can see, Ruby is awfully helpful with both posing with FOs and WIPs. What you cannot see is her proficiency with chewing the cord on my knitpicks interchangeables ... little brat.

Oh, and would you look at that?! I've been busy knitting as well. My cousin just gave birth to a little boy and my co-worker is expecting a baby girl in mid-January 2017. :)

Ezra -- not to be at a loss for attention -- has decided a good way to get mine is to hunker down on my laptop.