Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Knitting Warmies

My friend put in a request (when he was a little tipsy, mind you) for a toque. I promised him after Christmas was done I'd knit him one. I don't think he believed me, but I did. The other day my husband met up with him and I had him deliver the toque. I got this text from my friend ...

"The toque is awesome. Thanks Samantha. I will wear it with pride."

Very sweet. Just in time for the snow too, because the temperature dropped and we got our first real snow fall of the season. It's been a pretty dry winter so far, but apparently we're headed for quite a bit of snow in February so I feel better knowing my follically challenged friend will have a warm head.

Ethan requested a new scarf last week, saying "My face is bigger than it used to be, I need a new scarf" so I decided to grab part balls of Patons Decor I had in my stash and knit him one with stripes. I started with one that had random stripes by my OCD brain couldn't handle it so I frogged it and went with this diagonal pattern.

Ezra is very helpful modelling beside it for me. :)