Friday, January 31, 2014

At the Car Wash

Today it was finally warm enough to take the Tahoe through the car wash without worrying about anything freezing shut.

The purple and green wax is my favourite part.

At the Car Wash
A Photo A Day #31

It's so pretty. :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

On My Mind

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

Thanks to my post title that song (or at least that line from that song) will be stuck in my head all day. 

I shall post a link now so you can all be tortured. Disclaimer I've never watched the video, so I have no idea what the content is. LOL I don't even know all the lyrics, only the part I posted above. It could be horrible and awful. 

Back to our regularly scheduled posting ...

Yesterday Michael and I went to Costco. It was REALLY busy. I guess people didn't go when the weather was horrible so yesterday when the weather was good again they all barged in. We still made it out in good time -- under 1/2 hour. We knew what we wanted and just got that stuff. Under $100 too. Miracles CAN happen at Costco if you let them. 

A Miracle at Costco
A Photo A Day #29

After having such a great race on the 26th there has been one predominant thought on my mind -- More Races! I was already signed up for three more (each 5km) but I decided to up the ante. I've signed up for the 10km Sulphur Springs trail race in May. 10km for me is a long distance. However, it's a short jot out for my sweet hubby. He is doing the 50mi (80km) race that very same day.

So, now that's four races. One in March, one in April and two in May. Then I have a big space ... I'm going to have to find something to keep up my motivation because in October I have committed to doing the 50km relay race at Run for the Toad. I have a team of four so I will only be doing 12.5km, but keep in mind, 10km is long for me. I've done a half marathon (21.1km) but I don't have the ambition for that kind of distance again -- yet. So I'll work up slowly and have fun doing it. :) 

Bibs and pj pants from Robbie Burns 8km
A Photo A Day #30
I'm not in it for the win or break any records, finishing is winning, I'm in it to have a good time. I discovered last year when I injured myself that it's no fun to run if you're doing it for the wrong reasons. So now I do it for the right reasons, because I enjoy it. If I don't feel like doing it I don't do it. I'm not going to force myself to train for something I know I won't enjoy just to have that race under my belt. It's all gotta be fun. :)

And fun it will be!

My team mates are super great people -- Best Runner Friend Jenny, her awesome hubby Derek, my sister Vickey and I will each do one 12.5km lap. My husband, who I think is awesome and crazy, will be doing the 50km run solo. 

YAY fun!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alone Time

Yesterday it was late in the day and I realised I hadn't yet taken a photo for my Photo A Day collection, so I grabbed my phone, pointed it towards Michael and took his picture.

Say cheese!
A Photo A Day #27

I guess he didn't want his picture taken. LOL

Today after the kids headed off to school and I was done my morning meeting we headed out for a lunch date and a delicious burger joint in town. It's called The Works. The menu is super creative and cool. I have to be careful what I order, because of a garlic allergy, but there is still tonnes there I can eat. It's a great place for a once in awhile treat, but I couldn't imagine eating there very often ... omg the calories! It's all so tasty though. I love that they use glass measuring cups for drinks. Super neat.

The Works
A Photo A Day #28

The next stop was the tattoo parlour. At Christmas I bought Michael a gift certificate for a new tattoo. After some careful planning and pouring over a zillion fonts we took his idea to our tattoo artist and they worked out the last couple of kinks and then it was time for pain. *insert evil laugh* I have two tattoos and they didn't hurt to get, but the area Michael was getting his was a little more sensitive. On his inner forearm.

Michael and our tattoo artist Allan
Today we found out they're birthday buddies!

His tattoo is a tally of his long distance and ultra running races. The ones he has done are already on it and in May he is running an 80km race. It will be a lifetime of tally marks on it. I love this idea. Very cool. Very Michael. He had it tattooed on so he can read it when he looks at it so he will always have the motivation of pain adding another check when he's running.

New Tattoo

I don't have any knitting on the needles right now. I have to buy some yarn so I can get prepared for the Ravellenic Winter Games. Hopefully I'll make it to the yarn store later this week. :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Robbie Burns 8km 2014

Today was the annual Robbie Burns 8km race in Burlington Ontario. Jenny (BRF) and I were ready to go, bright and early ... as was my best girl Valerie, who woke up extra early, on a weekend, to come watch my rugrats for me. Thanks again Valerie. :)

I started out my morning a little earlier than most, but like all other mornings I had a quick conversation with my husband, via text message. I felt so bad for him. He's been really sick with a cold these last few days and he's at work in Saskatchewan so there was nothing I could do to help him. Poor guy.

Once Valerie arrived to sit on the children, Jenny and I hit the road, eagerly anticipating freezing our butts off in this exciting running event. It was -16C with a windchill of -26C. Brrr.

Highway 403 heading to Burlington
A Photo A Day #26

We were all geared up and ready to run ...

Ready to Run!!

We headed to the start line and hopped in place and were thankful to be in the middle of the pack (but nearer the front) because the warm bodies around us blocked the wind.

Until 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... AIR HORN!!! GO!!!

We were off to a great start. Chatting about last year's Robbie Burns race and how Michael was so great because he drove the Tahoe along the race route and played motivational music to pump us (and the other runners up). It was great.

What we didn't know was happening was this ...


We were being sneaked up upon. 

By who you ask?

By Michael.

Yes, that Michael ... 

My wonderful and romantically amazing husband surprised me big time. I guess on Wednesday he decided he needed to be home for my race, so he arranged getting off early with his boss and flying home three days early. The race sold out on December 3rd, 2013 so he contacted the race director directly telling him his plans to come and surprise me. The race director said it was too good a story to NOT let it happen and arranged a race bib for Michael.

All day yesterday Michael was sending me texts telling me how miserably sick he was (and had been for a few days) and that he had to go to bed early. 


He was not sick and he was most definitely not going to bed early. HE WAS CATCHING A FLIGHT HOME. He arrived in Toronto at 1am and took a limo to a hotel in Burlington. This morning he took a cab to the race and then he waited. The race event is held at a high school in Burlington and everything race related happens on the main floor. He was hiding on the 2nd floor. SNEAKY SNEAKY.

So, back to the above picture of our bums ... that was around the 1km marker. He must have been really running fast because he crossed the start line (we found out later) a whole minute after us. He came up behind us and said "Think we need to pick up the pace here," I spun around shocked "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" He has a video. It's hilarious and wonderful and every time he watches it his face lights up like a million candles. 

Me and Jenny

Chatting about something.

Seriously, it was the best surprise. He has outdone himself again. I know I'm bias but I have to say with all sincerity I honestly think I have the best husband ever. :)

Jenny, Michael and I running to the finish

My sweet hubby and I.

Team Awesome.
Michael, Jenny and I

I finished the race with a time of 47:59, one second before Jenny who ran it in 48 minutes flat, and Michael made up good time in that first kilometer because his chip time was 47:14. 

It was a kick ass day. My favourite race of all time. I knew starting out it was going to be fun, because Jenny and I always have a blast running together, but now it tops everything. When people ask me what my best most favourite race is I'm going to tell them this one. 

I'm still in shock.

Oh. And Valerie was in on it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Last night when I went to bed I hoped the weather forecast I'd heard wasn't going to come to fruition. I had hopes it was blown out of proportion and we weren't going to get dumped on by yet another snowpocalypse. I don't want to say my hopes were dashed or destroyed because it doesn't affect me that deeply. I'm just so done with snow and winter. It's pretty, yes, but this girl was built for warm temperatures and sunshine. Bring on the humidity too!

At least the dogs are happy about it.

Snowy Day Bitey Face
A Photo A Day #25

They're so happy about the snow they're even grinning!

It always snows when Michael is at work. Without failure the big stuff falls, not when he's home to help shovel, but when he's far far away. Yes, he has snow and cold of his own to deal with, but it'd be nice to have some help ... some efficient help (kids are not efficient at shovelling snow).

My hopes for efficient help came true this morning. I peeked out my window to see actually how deep it was in the driveway and I saw that my neighbour had not only ploughed the sidewalk, but he had done my driveway too. He only did to the back of my Tahoe, but 90% of the driveway is done and that's fantastic. What a swell guy! I'm going to head out later to clear off the truck and finish the driveway, that way it's done ... and hopefully the snow stops falling so I don't have to do it more than once.

Today's knitting project is a new hat for Owen to match his Gryffindor scarf. 

Tomorrow I have a running race. It's 8km, in celebration of Robbie Burns Day. I'm seriously hoping (lots of things hanging on hopes in this post!) the snow stops and the roads get clear because I don't want to have to cancel due to poor driving conditions. Running conditions be damned, my best-runner-friend and I are prepared for that. Oh we'll look silly all geared up with our faces covered, but we'll be warm!

Stay warm folks!

Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm sure my husband would describe me as endearing.


Sometimes maybe as a bonehead.

But always endearing.

Anyway I'm his bonehead and he loves me.

Today I sent him this picture. It's the dash of the Tahoe. See the little light that looks like a trailer on the top right? Well I somehow got it into towing mode and didn't know how I did it. So I took a picture (while stopped) saying, to paraphrase, what do I do to make it normal again? LOL

Help me! LOL
A Photo A Day #24
His reply? "Button on end of gear shifter."

What do you know ... there's even a picture in the exact shape as the light on the gear shifter.

That was easy.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lazy Girl!

Well, Bessie had a splendid time at her sleepover in Ethan's room last night. They both slept all night with none of the usual chatter that generally accompanies a sleepover.

This morning I got her up to do her biz and she was happy to follow me. Once she was back inside she disappeared again. She's really got a knack for disappearing stealthily.

"Yeah, I'm back in bed, what's it to ya?"
A Photo A Day #23
Her sleepover has come to an end and we'll be dropping her back off at my parents' house later this afternoon. Even though she has had fun here, I'm sure she will be thrilled to be home.

The waiting is done. All is well. Thanks for the good thoughts. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Waiting and A House Guest

Today I'm waiting to hear some news. It is something I'm not at liberty to spill the beans on in such a public forum, but something that affects me pretty deeply. I'm patient though, so I'll be okay.

I also have a lovely little house guest for the next day or so. My parents' dog Bessie has come for a visit. She's a sweetie pie, but I'm not kidding, she's the nosiest dog I've ever met, snoops in everything, bags, laundry baskets, whatever, she's as bad as a cat like that. And stubborn to boot.

When Ethan found out about her sleepover he cleared off his bottom bunk. We weren't sure if she would be comfortable there, so my parents sent her bed along too. I don't think it's going to be a problem though because she disappeared and was very quiet so I hunted her down. I found her snuggled in on the bottom bunk of his bed. Yeah. She's good.

Little Miss Diva found a place to relax.

Speaking of Ethan. Guess who is home sick today AGAIN? Yup. This time he has a cough and cold and a slight fever. Owen had a cold over the weekend (and still has it, but it's not as bad) and he shared. His worst days were on the weekend so he didn't miss any school, which is good. I'm going to bet Lily gets it next. Hopefully it avoids me.

Poor little gaffer, not feeling well.
A Photo A Day #22

And because I think this is funny -- and sort of ironic given it's Hump Day.

Tee hee
Have a good one folks!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Something Something Something Title

Isn't it a beautiful day outside? The sun is shining so bright the snow is sparkling. It almost makes you forget how bloomin' cold it is out there ... until the dogs want out and the door gets opened and a gust of freezing hits you. However, with faces as sweet as Dozer and Moose have, how can you say no to anything they are asking for? Outside, treats, attention ... especially when they want attention it's impossible to say no, they get right in the way. For example ...

Dozer clearly needed my attention for something,
he put his face right on my laptop.
A Photo A Day #21

I finished Lily's hat on the weekend. She picked both colours. She LOVES it. But she lost it already. It's somewhere in her classroom, so hopefully she'll get it today. I know she's 10 and it happens, but geeze Louise. Anyway ... she designed the stripe pattern. She drew a picture for me and everything. Cute.

**EDITED TO ADD** She found it. Under her bed. Seriously, my daughter would lose her head (in a very obvious spot) should it ever become unattached. More good news, she found her old one (at school) that she had lost last week or something. Now she's all set to be warm.

Doesn't she look cute?!

Vintage Rose Earflat Hat
4.5mm needles
Bernat Satin Teal & Maitai

I still haven't got Pagona Too blocked. I'm a horrible blocker. It will be done by the end of this week because I have to deliver it to it's happy new home. :)

Pagona Too

I've joined up for Team Canada in the Ravellenic Winter Games (formerly known as the Knitting Olympics). If you don't know about it, you should totally check it out. There are a zillion different teams you can join, theme based teams, country based teams, etc. etc. Basically you pick a project, cast on when the flame is lit at the opening ceremonies and knit like crazy until the flame is put out at the closing ceremonies. Woot.

Choosing a project is the hard part.

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Today had just zipped by. It only seems like a few minutes ago in which I was dragging my sorry arse out of bed and getting the kids all up and at 'em. I didn't want to get out of bed. I wanted to hit snooze and get out of bed tomorrow ... or Friday. Now that I've had a whole day it's almost like I've blinked and missed it.

Ethan was a little tough to get out bed this morning too, which isn't unusual, but he's usually not the hardest to get out of bed. Owen holds that title, but once he's up, he's good to go. Lily is good about getting out of bed, but she dawdles ... get a little bit ready, play a little bit, brush a little bit of hair, fiddle with something else a bit. Kids. Geesh! This morning Ethan brought his favourite things to the living room with him. They've been keeping his spot on the couch warm all day. I knitted (knit?) the green and beige blanket when I was pregnant with him. We call it "The One" because when he was born he latched onto it and hasn't let it go since. When he was one year old, ish, I made the red, white and blue blanket. We call it "The Two". It was made as a spare for The One in case he ever forgot it somewhere. Now he favours The Two, but they're both dragged around most places. The chocolate lab is PuppyO. It's the first ever stuffed animal he named himself. He was very little. PuppyO is very loved. The little orange and white guy is Sprite. Ethan got him for Christmas and named him Sprite because (a) Sprite is his favourite pop and (b) because he's a Soda Pup (that's what Webkinz labelled his "breed" of dog). I cherish the moments when I see Ethan toting his favourite things around with him, because it's not going to last forever.

Ethan's Favourite Things
A Photo A Day #20

I will update you on my knits in tomorrow's post. I will tell you I've finished Lily's hat and that Pagona Too never made it to the blocking board ... I'm bad, I know. LOL

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dawg Days

Today's post has been brought to you by the letters D and M.

The first picture cracks me up. Dozer is singing me his Chewbacca sounding song of "lemmeeeee iiiiiin" and Moose is looking as pathetic as possible. Please disregard the smudges on my window. It's on the outside of the window and it's not dirt, it's dog art.

Let us in!
A Photo A Day #19

By a quarter passed ten this morning Dozer was already settled in on his favourite teal blanket for a little snooze. The sign said "Do Not Disturb" but I disturbed anyway.

DND I'm napping.

Shortly after I disturbed Dozer I made an attempt to get a picture of Moose. Moose is impossible to photograph alone ... or pet or snuggle with or anything ... if Dozer knows you're giving attention to someone else. He's a jealous melon, that Dozer is. So I got a picture of them together. Moose kept creeping closer to me and Dozer is clearly unimpressed at Moose's creeping.


And there you have it.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lazy Saturday

My kids were given the strict instructions to not let me sleep passed 9am this morning. I woke up at 8:20am and thought "I'll just close my eyes for a minute and then get up." The next thing I know my daughter is knocking on my bedroom door at 10:30am and my husband is giving me a wake up call ... on his break at work ... ooops. I must have been tired.

Yesterday I got the call that my ring (the beautiful sapphire and diamond ring hubby bought me just before Christmas) was ready to be picked up. I had worn it over Christmas (too big) and then taken it back to be resized. So rather than waiting, right after work I threw the kids in the Tahoe and drove 40km (80km round trip) to pick up my ring. I couldn't wait ... lets face it, I like my beautiful shiny ring. It sparkles and I wanted it back. :) I wear it in place of my wedding ring. Michael hasn't worn his wedding ring for about 8 years when he had to have it cut off, but we recently got him a (temporary) replacement. My wedding ring is yellow gold, but my tastes have changed and I much prefer white gold and I much prefer sapphires to diamonds, so yeah, this works out well. :) I say "temporary" for Michael because his ring is silver and while it's nice I'd like to get him something nicer, something white gold, like mine, but without the stones. I'm hoping to pick something out for him for our anniversary this year.

Yay shiny!

We got a little more snow last night, as it was coming down it was beautiful huge flakes. Not so much fun to shovel, but we didn't get that much, so it's okay. My neighbour has a snow blower and is kind enough to do the entire side walk on the block. It really makes a huge difference. We have a one hundred and some-odd foot long frontage so it's really helpful -- and appreciated. :)

Mr. Snowblower
A Photo A Day #18

As well as today being lazy because I slept in, it's also a bit lazy because once I had a few household chores done and got supper in the slow cooker (honey, ginger ribs) I sat down to work on Pogona Too and watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy. I've been watching about 2 episodes a day, while I knit or do housework. It's great laundry folding entertainment, not so good when I'm running the vacuum though. ;)

Knitting and Sons of Anarchy

My nails look like crap right now. I've had fake ones for about 5 months and have decided it's time to let them grow out and let my real nails have a breather. I hate this stage.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Try Try Again

If at first you don't succeed, try try again.


I'm going to knock wood on this one, because it's still early.

All three of my kids went to school today and all three were happy and healthy when they left the house. I'm feeling hopeful we can get through an entire school day without one of them coming down with some sort of illness that paralyses my day.


I'm finally sitting down for some quiet time after a morning of busy busy busy. I headed out for groceries, dog food, yarn (yay!) and got home around 11:45am and put everything away, did some housework, ate some lunch and now ... rest ... and there will be coffee and knitting too.

This is what cup holders are really for.
A Photo A Day #17

Lily requested a new hat, the same as her old one, but a different colour. She is very picky about texture so I picked up some Bernat Satin for her. I picked a couple colours I though she'd like ... she might pick both. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday and Thursday a couple of my knits hit the blocking board. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate blocking? Yes, lace is magic and all that jazz, but bleh, blocking.

Scarf With No Name
Wandering Cat Yarns Solo Cat: Lagoon
The scarf is the same yarn I'm using for Pogona Too. It's such a lovely colourway. I really do enjoy those blues and greens. Though it looks so much different in each pattern. You'll have to take my word on it because I don't have any pictures of Pogona Too right now. :) I do have my other (freshly blocked) Pogona though. Yay!

Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat Sock

My mail was exciting today ... More yarn! YAY!

Wandering Cat Yarns ... AWESOME!

The yarn on the left is for a pair of Reading Mitts. The yarn on the right is for a super secret project for a super special person. Lucky them. ;)

While my day is still quiet I'm going to keep knocking wood until it's 3:15pm and time to get my kids from school. :) 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Short Lived

Well that was short lived.

Yeah. The silence that was so golden came to a screaming halt yesterday around 1:40pm. The school called. Ethan was feeling unwell and "could you come and get him?" Of course. That's what a mom is for. His tummy was hurting ... yuck ... and that's how Owen's tummy troubles started last week. So I brought him home and we watched Tangled and hung out and his tummy didn't stop hurting but nothing else happened. He didn't want to eat dinner, which is not usual. He's picky, but generally eats without too much of a fuss.

A boy and his dog ... snuggles make everything better.
This morning I woke him up to see how he was feeling. Guess who's staying home today? He's not feeling extremely horrible but he's feeling bad. Bleh.

So today I run on the treadmill, rather than in the glorious outdoors with my best-runner-friend Jenny. We have a race in 10 days (8km) and I know I can do it but I'd really hoped to do some training with her before hand. Our lives have been crazy busy, between Christmas and vacations in warm climates (her not me -- jealous!) and kids being sick we haven't run together since last year, before Christmas. We're aiming for next week. Fingers crossed.

What do you do when you've got a little boy at home who isn't feeling well? You watch superhero movies of course.

Yay X-Men
A Photo A Day #16

We have lots more superhero movies than just these three, but he has only seen the first X-Men movie, and that was the other day. I just got these (3 bluray movies, $11.99 -- score!) so we'll watch these. A little boy being home means no Sons of Anarchy for me today, but that's okay, I will survive. LOL If we get through these and he still wants to watch movies I will start us on the Iron Man trilogy -- our favourite.

There will be knitting too. :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's That I Hear?

What's that I hear?

If you listen carefully you might hear it too.

It's the sound of three kids at school, a husband at work, two napping dogs and a lazy kitty.

This was the view out my front door around 8:50 this morning. Don't let the door hit you on the way out kids! LOL I love them, but it's nice to have some peace and quiet. I haven't had this in awhile. December 20th was the first day of their xmas break, and last Monday was the only day since then without any kids in the house, because Owen was sick. Now everyone is well and at school and it's all good. :)

See you after school, kids!
A Photo A Day #15

Also, there's the sound of knitting needles, a washer (and dryer and the silent swoosh of folding laundry) and Sons of Anarchy Season Five. **Spoiler** I knew he was going to die, but BOO. They shouldn't have killed Opie, but they did ... I know who gets killed at the end of season six, but I don't care. I don't like that character. So unless between now and then the character changes personalities I still won't care when I get to that point in time.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Saskatchewan, Here He Comes!

Today was the day Michael was flying back to Saskatchewan, to our "summer home", so he can go to work. I love that he is able to have a job he loves, make a good living at it and provide for the kids (and I) like he was never provided for growing up. It just sucks he has to go 4000 kilometers away to do it. It's a lifestyle choice we made, but that doesn't make the day he leaves any more fun for either of us. 

At the Airport
A Photo A Day #14
I dropped him off at the airport around 3pm and then headed home to meet the kids ...

I miss him already!
I beat them home. I hadn't planned on beating them home, rather I'd planned for Owen to walk the other two home and them to hang out until I got here. No worries, he's old enough to babysit and Lily is old enough to be on her own for a little bit.

"Hi Mom!!"
And now it's dinnertime. 

Monday, January 13, 2014


This morning I felt like doing a little baking so I whipped up couple of loafs of banana bread. Michael leaves for work tomorrow afternoon so I'm sending one of these delicious delights with him. He's going to take it in his carry on luggage on the flight so hopefully it survives all the way to Saskatchewan without getting any nibbles.

Banana Bread for my spoiled hubby
A Photo A Day #13

Yesterday I got to work on Mom's Pogona shawl. I made some good progress and am planning to have it all knit up, off the needles and blocked by the end of the week. 

Pogona Too

I will have lots of entertainment while I'm knitting this beauty up -- I found out season five of Sons of Anarchy *is* on Netflix. I won't begin watching it until Michael has left for work (he has not seen any of SOA and I think if he's going to watch he needs to start from the beginning). After I'm done SOA I think I'm going to see if I can find Downton Abbey. I've heard it's great too. :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

M-m-m-my Pogona

Yesterday we headed yonder to the Toronto International Boat Show so my wonderful husband could drool at all the toys they had there to offer. It's about an hour and ten minute drive to Toronto from our house so I decided that would the perfect time to bind off my Pogona shawl. I'm not even kidding when I say it took the entire trip there to do the entire bind off. We pulled out of the driveway and I started the bind off immediately. I finished about 3 minutes before we parked. It's a LONG bind off. I don't know how many stitches there were, but there were a lot.

Pogona Pre-Bind Off
A Photo A Day #11

I don't have a post-bind off picture yet, but it's heading to the blocking board shortly and will be ready to be worn very soon.

My mom loved Pogona so I'm going to use my 2nd skein of Wandering Cat Yarns Solo Cat in Lagoon to knit her one of her own. I knit my Scarf With No Name with Lagoon. So pretty!

It's now the season where we tackle indoor projects around the house. We're finally finishing our basement (which we started several years ago) and we're painting a couple other areas in the house as well.

Paint Chips, not as tasty as potato chips.
A Photo A Day #12

From left to right: Blue and Red (the darkest on the chip) are for Ethan's bedroom. He has chosen to have 2 walls blue and 2 walls red. The middle, teal, is for the family room in the basement. We're doing the top half with the teal and the bottom half will be white wainscoting. It's going to be nice. And finally, on the far right we've chosen a nice warm brown (either the 2nd or 3rd) for the hallway and kitchen. Yay! I love fresh paint. :) I don't even mind painting ... Michael and I usually have fun doing it. Weird I know, but we have a good time. Chatting, listening to music, etc.. It's good. :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Get Hitched!

On December 28th we were rear ended in our Chevy Tahoe by a compact car (Acura). Our truck didn't sustain any damage, but the front of the Acura was pretty messed up. He was probably going 25-30km/h when he hit us. I'm thankful no one was hurt, but I'm also thankful my precious Eleanor (the truck) was a-okay. I'm also thankful I drive a truck because something smaller would have had substantial damage.

There was one part that was wrecked. The hitch cover. Lucky for the guy in the Acura the day before we had removed the bar/ball from the hitch and replaced it with the cover. Otherwise he wouldn't just have had body damage, he would have had rad and engine damage as well.

The old.

The old hitch cover -- at least the sticker bit -- was actually stuck in the front end of the Acura. My husband bought this one because he figured it suited me.

Well, we couldn't go without a new hitch cover for very long. I had a couple picked out on CafePress (and still may buy one of them) but we happened upon this one at Canadian Tire yesterday and figured it was perfect given our rivalry with my sister and her husband and their Dodge loving family. We're Chevy people -- of course we are because we would never choose an inferior product.

The New
A Photo A Day #10
As far as I can tell we're one up on those stinky Dodge owners now.