Sunday, August 16, 2015


Ezra is been a part of our family, officially, for ten days now. She's such a sweet little addition to our group. Unfortunately she had a little bit of a set back with her post-surgery (spay) healing so she's been on bed rest for five days and will continue until she's had the all clear from the vet (hopefully on Friday). Her bed rest includes being crated when we cannot monitor her playing and absolutely zero jumping and running. On Wednesday I discovered a little lump under her incision sight so we took her to the vet to have it checked out and it turns out she popped an internal stitch and the lump is basically fat coming through the stitch opening. She'll be fine and heal normally, but if she pops a second stitch she'll have to have surgery to repair it. Bed rest it is!

Yesterday we had a lovely visit from Valerie and Dave. Valerie, as many of you know, is an extreme cat lover and she brought a present for Ezra ... a curl! Ezra LOVES it. Valerie told me it's the best scratcher around and I believe it given how quickly Ezra took to it. I also like it because we have an RV and Ezra will be joining us on our travels and it's nice and little so we'll be able to take it along with us.

I see you Mom

Under the tunnel

Be vewy vewy quiet Ezra is going to get'cha.

Playing with her mouse.
 Oh! And it's not much, but I have been knitting. I whipped up a few little toys for Ezra. Her favourite is the one on the top right. It's Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat.

Ezra's stash
Dozer and Moose are doing well too. They're trying their best to get along with their new little sister. Moose wants to just look at her and be close to her. Dozer is smart and knows how sharp the front end of a cat can be and refuses to make eye contact.

Photo by Valerie @ Wandering Cat Studio
Hoping to get some more knitting done ... perhaps cast on a pair of socks or something ... something. I haven't knit much in awhile and my fingers are getting itchy.

Friday, August 7, 2015


I'm a proper knitter again! I've got a new little kitty!

Her name is Ezra.

We adopted her from the Brant County SPCA on August 6th. Well, technically, it was the 4th, as that was the day we filled out the papers and said she could come and live with us. Well, actually, the 4th was the day she said she liked us and thought it'd be cool to come with us. The 6th is just the day we brought her home.

I have already knit her three toys ... she's very fond of the Wandering Cat Yarns ones. She has good taste. :)