Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cloud City Update

I can't remember which knits I have shared, so if I am repeating myself please forgive me.

First: Cloud City. It's an old picture as I'm into Chart 2 now, but it's looking food. :) I didn't take the picture sideways, so I'm not sure why it turned up sideways. Oh well.

Cloud City @ the divide for sleeves
Second: I've done a few more baby knits. This cute white and teal one as well as a mossy green one in which I have no picture of. It's the same top down design as this one, but mainly moss stitch, which is one of my favourite knit textures. I will need to go button shopping soon.

White & Teal baby cardigan
I have been keeping up with my H.I.I.T training schedule for the month. Today's workout is fierce. I'm not looking forward to doing it, but I am looking forward to having it finished.

Terrifying. LOL

Tomorrow is the day Michael flies home. These last two weeks have gone so slowly. Sometimes his time at work flies by and is easy, but this time it has dragged on and on and on and on. I can't wait to have him back in Ontario.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Around the Bay 2015

I didn't get any team photos at the Around the Bay Road Race. Time was tight before, Vickey and I had to get on our relay buses, and time was tight afterwards, Michael had to go to the airport. We did, however, get a shot of Michael and I at the end.

He was so tired and in pain at the end. He almost did not finish the race ... but he did and I'm so proud of him. He ran the entire 30km, I ran the 3rd leg of the 3 person relay. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Crazy is My Middle Name

As you're well aware I run, I bike, I do karate. I've dabbled in strength training at home with kettle bells and Jillian Michael's videos. Now Michael and I have a gym membership and I'm starting into doing weights with him. It's fun working out with him, he's knowledgeable, encouraging and fun to look at. I'm not confident enough on the weight machines to have a go at it alone, so I'll be waiting until he's home again to do more, however while he's away I have other strength training to keep me occupied ...

It's the DAMO Challenge (Daily Motivation) from The Berry. It was originally posted back in February when I was doing my run streak, so I just saved each of the daily workouts and decided I'd begin April 1st. Let me tell you. Yesterday's workout was HARD. I only got through three sets before I was completely exhausted. It worked though because I woke up this morning feeling ALL the muscles in my butt and legs.

I won't likely post all the workouts here, but to give you a taste of them; here are the first three days. I plan to complete the entire 30 days. Today (day 2 of DAMO) I did a 5km run as well. I will sleep well tonight.

If you're interested in the challenge and/or you just want to torture yourself (and build some muscle) here's the link to the entire set. 30 Day DAMO Challenge

Don't worry I've been exercising my fingers with plenty of knitting as well. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Once A Fool

Today is Dozer's sixth birthday!

He used to be so cute!

5 weeks old

8 weeks old

Now he's just so handsome (and slightly unicornish).

6 years old
Dozer, I know you can't read, but ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU! :)