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100 Things About Me

One Hundred Things About Me - Revised Edition 2017

  1. I am very proudly Canadian.
  2. I have three children; two sons and a daughter.
  3. I write (duh).
  4. I'm a runner and a cyclist ... or at least I try.
  5. I'm clumsy, which doesn't help with #4.
  6. I like Star Wars.
  7. I married my high school sweetheart.
  8. I knit and sometimes crochet.
  9. I'm Pagan.
  10. I currently reside in Southern Ontario.
  11. For a little over a year we rented a house in Saskatoon, SK to accommodate hubby's work schedule. (2013-2014) 
  12. I'd like to visit Egypt and Denmark.
  13. I don't eat seafood or anything that comes in shells (like snails).
  14. I have been known to enjoy the odd cup of coffee or six daily. I swear I'm not addicted.
  15. I have an Ankh tattoo on my lower back.
  16. My dogs are a yellow Labrador Retriever, Dozer, and a chocolate Labrador Retriever, Moose.
  17. My astrological sign is Cancer.
  18. I am afraid of the dark.
  19. I try not to be hypocritical.
  20. I am frequently sarcastic and have a dry sense of humour.
  21. I have an older sister.  She's a pain in my ass.
  22. There are three cats in my house: Ezra (f), Ruby (f) and Cecil (m).
  23. I believe in ghosts.  How can I not?  I've seen them.
  24. I weighed 210 pounds at my heaviest. It took a long time, but in May of 2013 I hit my goal weight -- a total weight loss of 82 pounds -- and I've kept it off.
  25. Our family monogram is R5 and I have a tattoo of it on my back left shoulder, as does my husband.
  26. My best friend is Valerie ... we met when we were in the 7th (her) and 8th (me) grades.
  27. My other best friend is Christine. We met in October 2015.
  28. My husband is my knight in shining armour. Life would be incomplete without him. 
  29. My oldest son is 16. He is a wonderful and intelligent kid.
  30. My daughter is 14. The middle child. A bright light through and through.
  31. My youngest son is 10. He's a clever guy with a mischievous grin. 
  32. I like shoes. 
  33. My favourite super hero is Iron Man. It used to be Superman but Clark Kent can't hold a candle to Tony Stark.
  34. I ran my first 1/2 marathon in 2013.
  35. Married in October 1998; Honeymoon in Boston in September 2013.
  36. I one the sandbox.
  37. We used to own a boat named the Squeaky Beaver II.
  38. In May 2014 I began training in Goju-Ryu Karate and currently have my green belt.
  39. I ran my second 1/2 marathon in November 2014. The Road2Hope in Hamilton, ON. I finished in a time of 2:17:10. A new PB.
  40. In January 2016 I got my 3rd tattoo, a cat, on my right inner wrist. I have tattoos 4-7 planned out.
  41. I have worked in the pet industry off and on for 20 years. I am a Pet Nutritionist.
  42. My favourite way to cook is with the slow cooker.

This is my first post here at Running Tangled In Yarn: Better Late Than Never. It is just a small introduction into my world of blogging. :)


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