Thursday, August 10, 2017

About Time

Right now I am writing this blog post on my very new (and so much faster) laptop. It's a chromebook, like my other one (which I permanently gave to Ethan), and I love it, I'm completely happy with my decision to not get another Windows (aka click and die) machine. Now, in theory, I will be able to get on here and post more frequently.

Friends of ours are pregnant with their 4th, but first together, child in October. She has a daughter in her 20s, he he has two daughters between 10 and 12. They are a beautiful blended family full of love. And now they're going to have a son together. Beautiful. Perfect. I couldn't be happier for them. <3

Of course I'm knitting up a storm. Today I finished a blanket for the little guy. The pattern is one of my own. I created it for my eldest nephew in 2009. The Lil' Squirt Baby Blanket.

Lil' Squirt Baby Blanket
I am almost finished a little sweater for the baby too. Hopefully I will be finished it by the weekend. :)

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