Monday, February 4, 2013

Telemark FO

I finished the Telemark Pullover. I knit the smallest size and I think it'll fit around a 3 month old baby. I thought it seemed smaller than the pattern said it should be (6 month size) and then I read other knitters' comments saying they had the same outcome. Oh well. It's cute, that's for sure! Definitely a pattern will use again.

Telemark Pullover: Sirdar Country Style DK

Two words: YARN PORN!

Wandering Cat Yarns Twinkle Cat: Fingering Weight
Emerald City (left) and Ruby Slippers (right)
75% SW Merino 20% Nylon 5% Stellina

Wandering Cat Yarns Solo Cat: Fingering Weight
100% SW Merino

The three yarns above are the ones I purchased. The next one, however, was gifted to me by the lovely Valerie. She dyed it with Icarus in mind. I love Icarus and started one when my daughter was a toddler, but I wasn't affluent in lace at that point in time so I gave up on it. It's now a barbie shawl. LOL

Wandering Cat Yarns Twisted Slinky Cat: Fingering Weight
80% SW Merino 20% Silk
Have a great Monday, folks!


  1. Telemark looks great! I'm going to have to add that pattern to my baby queue!

    I'm glad you like the yarns!

  2. Awwww...what a cute baby sweater. I wouldn't mind having that kind of sweater for myself. Looks quite wearable!

  3. Great sweater. Love love the yarn!!!