Monday, March 4, 2013

Chilly Half Marathon

We ran, we conquered.

Yesterday Jenny and I ran the Chilly Half Marathon. It was a fun filled, well organized event. The entire route is on Lakeshore Road in Burlington; out and back again. It's either because it was 21.1 kilometers or because the scenery never really changed, but the road seemed to go on forever. Probably a combination. LOL

Getting ready (sitting backwards) in Jenny's truck

The weather was absolutely perfect for a long run. It was about -5°C with a slight head wind (in both directions) and the sun was shining beautifully.

Running with an injury isn't fun, but my knee didn't start to bother me until around the 18km mark, at which point it went from being complacent to being really pissed off. The last three point one kilometers were killer and we lost a lot of time because of it. Such is life. I'm still really pleased. Two weeks ago I had planned to walk the whole thing, but my physio therapist assured me I would run it, and run it I did. He said "It won't be pain free, but you'll do it."

Jenny and I at the start line waiting for the gun.

I didn't set a goal time, but I knew I wanted to finish in under three hours. I was successful. With a time of 2:54:13 I soared across the finish line. That's about 8:14 minutes/kilometer. Jenny and I planned to cross at the same time, but just before we got there she slowed down and said "It's all you girlfriend, you deserve this!!" and she let me cross first. She is an amazing friend. I couldn't have done this without her.

At the Mandarin for a post race celebration.
Up next, more training, recovery and physio and in May another half marathon.

Two more sleeps until puppy day!!


  1. Congrats! You are an IRON WOMAN I tell you!!!! I'd be snuggled under the blankets in that temperature.

    Hope your knee isn't complaining too much today.

    As for your comment on my blog about DH being a lucky guy ---- you betcha!!! He is! ROFL

    1. Thanks! It was hard work! I'm hoping my next one will be easier (ie: less injured LOL).

  2. So proud of you - I really wish I could have been there!

    1. All is forgiven. xoxo You'll be there in May! :)

  3. So awesome! You rock! How did u feel like the next day and such....where you super sore? You must have slept a ton! Congrats!

    1. I was stiff the next day. Two days after, though, I was back to normal. :) I was most definitely tired though I didn't sleep well that night because the stiffness in my legs woke me up every time I moved in the slightest. The next night I slept like a baby!