Thursday, March 7, 2013

More of Dozer & Moose

Since I have been too busy in the last few days for knitting I don't have any progress (or pictures) to share. Instead I will share more pictures of Dozer and Moose.

Team Sniffing

Rear view. Such a cute butt.

Climbing the steps.

I know, he's cute. Irresistible even. Until the shark teeth come out.

Right now Dozer and Moose are laying **almost touching** on the floor beside where I'm sitting. I'm willing to bet once Moose has been here a few days they'll be snuggling.

OH, I spoke to soon. I just glanced down. They're TOUCHING. Not snuggling, but there is contact! They touch all the time playing, but Dozer has never had another dog want to snuggle with him, and he's a snuggley dude, so this is, I imagine, very strange to him. I'd take a picture, but you remember the last time I took a picture and disturbed Dozer, don't you?


  1. Oh my gosh ... Moose on the steps is just too adorable. He has an adorable face.

  2. OMG - keep the pictures coming!