Friday, March 8, 2013

Invisible Dawgs

This is a picture of Dozer and Moose.

My dawgs are invisible!

Can you see them?


Me neither.

The little buggers walked out of frame before the click.

It would have been really cute too. Moose was standing under Dozer's belly. Such is life.

You're going to have to be satisfied with this one for today ...


Yes, it's as cute as it looks. He dragged his blue blanket from his crate and plunked it and himself down on my foot. My sock is epic, I know. Not quite hand knit epic, but who the heck is silly enough to wear hand knit socks around a puppy? Not I!


  1. I think he has bonded to you. LOL

    So cute!

  2. I love that he's carrying around his blanky. I'd say he's bonded with you for sure. :o)
    When my Happy was a few month old, he loved to pull off my socks. I just helped him a little, by pushing the sock down over my heel, so he wouldn't rip them. He had a blast pulling, and pulling, and finally getting it off. As soon as it was off, he lost interest. Fun game for a while. :o)